Lisa Maki

Lisa is the co-founder and CEO of PokitDok. PokitDok provides a software development platform to free, secure, and unify data that drives the business of healthcare. This includes DokChain, PokitDok’s implementation of blockchain for healthcare. PokitDok’s 30 API endpoints facilitate eligibility checks, claims submissions, appointment scheduling, payment optimization, patient identity management, pharmacy benefits, and other business processes.

Before starting PokitDok, Lisa co-founded BeliefNetworks, which applied semantic intelligence and predictive analytics for customers from the Department of Defense to Forbes.com . It was acquired by the health and employee benefits company, Benefitfocus in 2010. Earlier in her career, Lisa held several roles at Microsoft during Bill Gates's tenure, including Product Unit Manager for incubation of International Disaster Response and Recovery products as well as Director of Program Management for Consumer products. Lisa holds a Bachelor of Arts in English from Stanford University.